Stories no words can tell

Nana Sahini
Marco Raparelli
Philippos Theodorides
Maria Lianou
Sofia Touboura
Theris Amajorproblem Inaustralia
Eleni Andreadou

Curators: Maria Papaioannou, Maria Dialektaki

The group exhibition “Stories no words can tell” invites the visitor to a mental balancing act between the real and the imaginary world. It urges him to retrieve images from the subconscious and find magic and true meaning in everyday life. Stories featuring weird creatures and strange items. Stories taking place in a different world but mainly inside us, in paths where the influence of the conscious and the rational disappears. Short stories that make us ponder the times in which we live and urge us to face reality in a different way. A balloon, a reel, a dwarf, a duck are only a few of the protagonists of the show which dearly welcome change and transformation in life.

six d.o.g.s
6-8 Avramiotou str.
Athens, Greece
Ph: +30 210 3210510

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