Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Lo and Behold will participate in Supermarket Art Fair 2012 with the project “Public Domain”

The project includes 25 artists / 25 site specifics located in 13 cities and it is curated by Artemis Potamianou and Giorgos Papadatos.

SUPERMARKET 2012 17–19 February

Opening hours: Fri 11am–10pm, Sat 11am–8pm, Sun 11am–6pm.
Kulturhuset, located in the city centre of Stockholm. 3rd and 5th floor

“Public Domain” is a call for artists to create within the bounds of the urban landscape, and uses as an index, the unique nature of an artist’s approach in an environment which is globalized, featuring similar problems and circumstances.

The participating artists follow a specific working process both in terms of method and end result. They are asked to imagine and to realize an intervention on a public site in the city where they live. Afterwards they are to photograph the intervention and submit it in the form of a poster. These posters will be exhibited at Lo and Behold’s booth at Supermarket.

The end result is a patchwork of a number of site-specific works which signify the artists’ varying investigations and concerns and at the same time serve as an intervention in the urban environment. An intervention which walks the fine line between legitimacy and illegitimacy, since viewing the art object is not chosen rather it is imposed upon the viewer. Concurrently, the artist is exposed in a way and on a scale in which not just his/her practice is externalized but individual ideas, feelings and attitudes are also freely expressed, following an internal negotiation where the personal is transformed into the public.
In this manner, a record is kept, a visual diary, but also a process of dialogue is activated which exceeds the boundaries of personal investigation.
This dialectic collage is acutely political in that it documents the pulse and the concerns of different artists who, not only reflect the culturally, politically and economically different societies which they are a part of, but in the end are also representative of contemporary art production of their time.

Participating artists

Guillaume Durand/Sanna Marander/Vasileia Stylianidou/Stephen Lee/Magnus Thierfelder/Nikos Tranos/Common Culture/Theo Prodromidis/Guerilla Girls/Eugenio Tibaldi/Luke Ralphs/Dimitris Christidis/Internationale Surplace/Andreas Voussouras/Bianco – Valente/Thanos Klonaris/Emma Hammarén/Société Réaliste /Dimitra Marouda/Maria Lianou/Erika Rothenberg/Eva Marathaki/Lilli Kinnunen/Yorgos Taxiarchpoulos/Tanja Ostojic

Maria Lianou/Forward–Backward
location (street): October 28th,Limassol, Cyprus/date: 15/12/2011/time: 15:00

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