Animacall: The animation project 2011
Duration: March 30– June 5, 2011 
Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, Warehouse B1, Port 
Curators: Syrago Tsiara - Domna Gounari
Opening: March 30, at 20:00

[Feel Fully Charged/2011/3D Animation/1' 20''/video stills]

[3D animation, video sculpture with characteristics of a video essay by using advertisement way.
Simulation of happiness -emotional needs offered in convenience packs- compensate for the loss of an inner life. Pseudo-euphoria, melancholy, a semblance of calm and closeness.
‘The world is a simulacrum that gives birth to itself’.]

Concept: Maria Lianou / Panos Xenakis
Direction: Maria Lianou
Compositing: Panayiotis Hantzios
Fluid Simulation: Spiros Makris
Music: Based on Francis Lai - Un Homme Et Une Femme

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